TRAVEL BLOG - New Destination in Tokyo




Hi, this is Chieko from Hankyu Travel DMC Japan!

How are you doing? Here in Tokyo, the Olympic Games are over and we are now preparing for the Paralympics.Unfortunately, the number of infected people has dramatically  increased in these weeks, so we cannot enjoy this summer too although vaccinated…

Before this pandemic, I always travelled in Japan and abroad. Now it is so sad and stressful not to travel freely anywhere.Today, let me talk to you about my unique experience of travel in Japan!

A few  years ago I went to Mikurajima Island, one of the northern islands in the Izu archipelago. This island belongs to Tokyo etropolis, but is located 200 kilometres south of Tokyo. Why I went there? Because I have dreamed to swim with dolphins for a long time!!On this island you can have this experience.

You can participate in a tour from Tokyo getting a ferry in the evening from Takeshiba Pier. When the ferry depart from the pier, you can enjoy a  beautiful night view of Tokyo bay.

In the next morning you reach Mikurajima Island and after a short rest, let’s go swimming with dolphins getting a boat! Around Mikurajima Island there are many school  of dolphins, so the boat goes around the island looking for these school. Once you find a school, you can dive into the sea with snorkel, fins and weight belt. If the dolphins want to play with you, they come closer to you or swim around you! If you swim very well, you can really swim with them!!

It is also nice to watch dolphins from the water surface. Sometimes you can find a mother and child swimming together. Of course, you can take pictures.After diving about 4-5 times, you go back to the island and have a local dinner all together.

This experience is really nice but also very tough because you have to dive from the boat repeatedly, swim and get back on the boat many times. But my dream has come true!!!

If you have enough time in Tokyo, I recommend it to you!!